It’s a hard knock life

Well I’ve had a bad cooking week.

I try to be open minded and adventurous with recipes but this week has been a let down. To be fair I don’t usually try too many new recipes a week since it’s quite frustrating to waste a bunch of time and money making crappy food and then having to be hungry which results in eating out. I hate eating out now since most of the food is so greasy or just bland.

I ❤ spicy food!

So this past weekend I was hungry but I was saving the rest of the seitan I had for green chili stew and I wasn’t up to making a tofu dish for lunch. Plus I didn’t have any canned beans or cooked beans which was horrible and I didn’t want to eat fake meat. Anyway, I flipped through my cookbooks and finally found a cajun tempeh recipe that sounded good. Basically I simmered the tempeh to hydrate it a bit and then made a spice mix…paprika, brown sugar, salt, thyme, cayenne, and some other spices. Basically a spice rub.

So I rubbed the tempeh in the rub and fried it up in some olive oil. I also had some red chard on hand since I have been trying to mix up my dark, leafy greens. So I cut it up and minced some garlic and sauteed it all and I included the thick stems since they were just too beautiful to leave out.


The stems really remind me of rhubarb. I was really surprised about the chard…the leafy part tasted like I thought…kind of hard to screw up sauteed greens but the stems were amazing because they had a very distinct sweetness to them. However, Nathan didn’t like it at all although he did put up a good front since I get really crabby when recipes don’t turn out well or if he just doesn’t like something. Well, at least now I know not to buy so much chard since I’m the only one who likes it. I think it’s the only green he doesn’t like but now I have like 1.5lb of it that I’ll have eat myself haha.

The tempeh turned out horrible because it came out so bland. I was really surprised that there was no flavor so it wasn’t disgusting but just lacking in any flavor. Ugh so lame.

Then I tried out this recipe I’ve been itching to make but our local market doesn’t carry horseradish root. The recipe is Horseradish and Coriander Crusted Tofu from V. with a Vengeance which has a lot of great recipes. Anyway, I marinaded the tofu overnight and prepared the baking dish and all the other ingredients. Apparently horseradish gets bitter if you don’t use it right away so I made sure to grate it last. Basically the crust mix was lemon zest, crushed coriander, horseradish, olive oil and some other rather neutral tasting items. Personally, the directions made it sound like the mix would stick to the tofu easily but I really had to pat it in with my hands and the sides were rather bare. Baked it and broiled it and I didn’t even bother making it a whole meal since I had a feeling it wouldn’t come out the way I thought.


Turned out totally bland or rather…it tasted like tofu. It wasn’t spicy which was surprising since I was crying while grating the horseradish. I think Nathan liked it more since he can eat tofu plain without being grossed out. I’ll admit that the cookbook recommended making a vegan tarter sauce to dip the tofu in but I still felt like I would be gaining flavor from the dip rather than the tofu dish. At least it took less time to make than the cajun dish but it still ended up with us getting Tofu Burgers from the market.

So yes, now I have practically a whole horseradish root and a bunch of coriander seeds that I’ll have to deal with. And I already have prepared horseradish and ground coriander. But I suppose not all dishes can come out perfectly but it still sucks to waste the time and money searching for the ingredients and then making it only to throw it out. Although I’m really excited about making some vegan cheese since the new Vegetarian Times gave a few recipes. Vegan cheese is kind of hit and miss since it tries too hard to be like a deli cheese but the recipes in the magazine are similar to feta and goat cheese. Although I think feta is from goats but the consistency is different between the two.

In other news, the Farmer’s market is super awesome since new food is coming in. But better than the food are the flowers! I’ve been buying tulips these last couple of weeks but I’ve switched to other flowers this week but I have no clue what they are called. I actually do look at the labels and try to remember but since I keep a mental list of everything I need to buy but I just end up forgetting the names of flowers that I’ve never heard before.  So I’m posting them because they are so pretty and lively.


Ah, let’s see…we finally got our bed frame delivered. We are now officially less ghetto now since before we had our box spring on the floor with our mattress on top. We did have a bed frame but that frame was too small for our queen and we wanted a metal bed frame that fit our style. So we finally found a company that had our style of our furniture and finally a year later we bought it. I felt kind of cool about it since the company makes the furniture in the U.S. but then my mom told me they probably use C.A. labor which is probably somewhat true. But regardless, the frame is cool and it was pretty easy to assemble only took about 20 min. to put together excluding the time to take the parts out and having to sweep the floors free of dust and kitty kibble.  I only took one crappy pic since the cats were on the bed and I didn’t want to engage in a kitty royale battle just to make the blanket look nice for a second for a pic.


Now that I’m looking at the photo I noticed how dark the bed frame looks  but it’s actually a silver color and the finish is a brushed steel look. That’s what I love about the frame is that it’s full steel so it’s not flimsy at all. And yes I know the fitted sheet isn’t fully covering the mattress but the stupid set shrank and it’s so hard to make it fully fit…I think it has to do with the fact that we have a pillowtop mattress but oh well.

That’s about all the news here and I really need to write more about class, race, and other important things that I have no qualifications in but I still like to write about it. I’ll try to update more but I’ve been busy knitting and trying new recipes. So…until next time…eat good food, be happy, and listen to good music and radio 😀


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  1. 1 xxxicana
    8 April, 2009 at 9:59 pm

    yummy, yummy chard!

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