Goodbye to my wisdom….teeth

Well I am finally back to my less stressful life.

I’ve been freaking out for a week about ‘going under’ while getting my teeth extracted. It just scared me to think about being totally unaware of what was happening to my body and then there was that whole Seinfield episode where he thinks his dentist is kind of pervy and may have violated him while under nitrous…I think I worry too much.

So yes, I’ve been really nervous but they gave me some meds before the appt. to probably calm down people like me. I felt like I was getting some plastic surgery though. Was all covered up, they placed a bandage over my hairline to keep from getting in the way, I was plugged into a heart monitor (EKG I think), had some nerdy glasses put on, and had my blood pressure taken so often. I wonder if the blood pressure machine helped speed up the drugs since they gave it to me through and I.V. Oh, and they stuck tubes in my nose for oxygen which was probably a bit of a relaxer too. But I must be a totally nut because all this stuff made me so nervous and listening to my heart beat made it worse.

But I sort of drifted off but was still awake which was nice. I could actually feel them take out the teeth…a bit unpleasent but I’m glad I was somewhat awake for that. I can’t believe how quickly it was done and I can feel that they are gone. I feel kind of bad…maybe I should have asked them for my teeth because I didn’t even have a goodbye talk with them. 😦

Well, I was super drugged and I felt really funny…I had this silly notion that I would come back, rest a bit, and then go for our walk. Of course I conked out for hours only to wake up and load up on more drugs and antibiotics. But Nathan was great and made me a whole pot of soup while I was asleep and it made me feel so good. 

Weirdly enough I’m not in any pain so far today although eating banana bread with walnuts wasn’t as wise a choice on my part. Hopefully I won’t have to take any more of the vicodin since it sort of makes me funny and clouds my head. I probably wouldn’t mind being a bit funny but I hate feeling like I lack my normal amount of clarity (which isn’t much to begin with). So hopefully it will just be my antibiotics and some advil for the next few days.


2 Responses to “Goodbye to my wisdom….teeth”

  1. 1 Shell
    20 May, 2009 at 3:36 pm

    I’m happy to hear it all went well and that you’re feeling better. Take care & love to you and Nathan.

  2. 2 xxxicana
    20 May, 2009 at 4:45 pm

    You should have asked for your teeth back — so the Tooth Fairy could give you $$ ! Wow, sounds like you were really plugged into a lot of equipment … seems like it would be better to be put under. Glad you are feeling better, be sure to take it easy though! Oh, BTW, I love the Bee episode of Green Porno — I just love this series. Isabella is so funny and the costumes, etc are just great. Love you lots!

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