Chickpea cutlets and Crappy Sushi

Well we’re at the mid-way point of the year. Yay!

It seems so crazy how the days, months, years go by. Personally, I think it feels crazy since I’m not in a school mind frame anymore. I’ve spent most of my life thinking I have to get up early for school and then study and now….wow I get to be creative and do what I want! Ok so I still have to make yummy food for the week and everyday…and yes I need to clean and knit…but the order is totally up to me. That is what is so great…Laundry and food buying are the only activities that have to be kept at a regular date since I go to the Farmer’s Market and the laundry mat is busy on the weekends. But yes…can’t believe it’s July already…I’m so much closer to being 24 and it’s scary.

Anyway, I’ve made a few new food items that aren’t at all interesting but I’m going to write about the experiences in case others wonder about these recipes. Summer corn has been coming in lately and I’ve been so happy to grill them up. The only problem is that I want to grill other things or bake protein items but Nathan has been a bit anti-tempeh so I haven’t made my hot-sauce tempeh dish for some time. Well, I did grill some corn and I decided to try out the Chickpea Cutlets recipe from Veganomicon by Isa Chandra (and terry…can’t remember her last name…terry hope romero I think). Anyway, I had some pre-cooked chickpeas so I whipped up the recipe and even shaped the cutlets into faux lamb chops. I also used the BBQ sauce recipe to spread over the cutlets prior to baking.

Honestly, I read so many good reviews on the BBQ but I didn’t think it tasted at all like a good BBQ sauce. Maybe it’s because I left out the liquid smoke but I still think that the sauce should have tasted more BBQy despite the smoke. Maybe not. oh well. It ended up being like a spicy pasta sauce but I still used it. The cutlets came together nicely and I tried to make them shaped like real chops since it’s kind of funny.

Picture 199Picture 201

Baked them up and grilled up the corn…

Picture 203

The corn was uber but the cutlets weren’t all that yummy. Personally, I thought the cutlets tasted like meatloaf but the exterior was nice and spicy. I’ve always hated meatloaf…just the name..meatloaf…ground meat that is made into a loaf that has crappy onions and spices…it just goes beyond what meat should be like…a meat loaf? gross. And then the usual ketchup on the meatloaf just pushed me over the edge. Ugh…sorry for all those meatloaf lovers…I just never liked it and then when these cutlets came out a bit meatloafy…well it just was a bit disappointing. Nathan thought it was just bland even though I put BBQ sauce on it but I understand what he means…It was spicy on initial chewing but then turns into a meatloaf kind of flavor and goes blah…

The other new item I’ve made is Spicy Tempeh Sushi rolls from Veganomicon…hope I spelled that right…Nathan thinks he hates tempeh but I know he just hates certain types of tempeh dishes. I bought some Lotus Jade Pearl rice which is infused with bamboo extract and is supposed to be good for making sushi. So I cooked the rice and steamed the tempeh. The tempeh is basically mashed with some vegan mayo and some chili-sesame oil to make tuna-like filling. I made inside-out rolls and filled the middle with the tempeh filling, avocado, and scallions. Personally, I think the Jade Pearl rice wasn’t that great because the rice didn’t stick to the nori like it should have. I’ve made plenty of rolls before with regular rice and never had a problem with the rice falling off so I think it must have been the type of rice. I used enough rice wine vinegar and sugar to coat the rice so I just don’t understand why the rice wasn’t sticking since I’ve done it plenty of times with white sushi rice. Despite the rice issue…it was super yummy…

Nathan asked me what was in the rolls and I said,

“It’s a surprise…just eat it”

…”Does that mean it’s Tempeh?”

….”No…Just eat it!”

And he did….and he totally loved it. I asked multiple times if he liked the rolls and he said he loved it even though he thought it might suck since he ‘thinks’ he hates tempeh. Yay…now I’ve found one more recipe for lunch that we both like…We need to send in our knife since it’s rather dull at this point which didn’t help with cutting the rolls….rice falling off and smushed rolls. It tasted way better than the pic.Oh and the rice is supposed to be green but I think the pic washed out the color.

Picture 204


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