German Butterballs

Eco and body friendly deodorants only half way work.

Anyone notice that? So we were using Arm&Hammer Aluminum and paraben free deodorant (not that we know or bother to look up what paraben is) but it worked pretty well and it had this great lemony smell. Then Longs became CVS and they stopped carrying it so I started buying new deodorants from the health food store. Well, I first bought one from Alba since I like some of their products but seriously….I think I ended up smelling worse…and boy can I get stinky. So Nathan couldn’t handle it and asked me to buy Tom’s Natural deodorant since he works with people and doesn’t want people wondering why he might be a wee bit stinky. But I feel too bad to throw out the old one so I keep using the crappy one until it’s used up. I just really wonder why healthy, eco-bio friendly items sometimes suck. I did try the Tom’s brand the other day and it seemed to work for at least half a day and there are all these weird deodorants that range from sprays to armpit creams. I suppose I’ve just been taking for granted all the stuff they put in anti-perspirants and deodorants for most of my life. I didn’t even think that anti-perspirants really made me not sweat…I just thought it was some marketing angle to make consumers think we’re fighting against sweating…Yes, I’m trying harder now as an adult to question things because I’m really gullible and naive.

Anyway, I know some people don’t get that stinky but most people also don’t bikes everyday or do labor intensive work…well I’m sure lots do in terms of work but I’m really thinking about middle-class or indoor jobs. It sucks trying to find lots of good products that are good for my body while also making me look/smell good. I don’t mind being a bit stinky since I argue that my pheromones will mingle with my sweat and cause desirous effects from my partner…haha hope that isn’t weird but it’s kind of my way to put a positive spin on body odor. Other than that I have to say I’m being very Euro…but then I wonder if other areas are odor friendly so maybe we should be hypothetically saying we’re ‘SE Asian’ or ‘Latin American’ in our ways. I wonder if anyone has actually made a study about body odor in various parts of the world.

So yes, I hope healthy/eco-friendly products become bigger and stronger b/c I don’t think the U.S. is going to be changing its mind about fragrances and body odor soon.

And I’ve been thinking about this sweaty issue for awhile and then I bought some cute vegan sandals which totally reminded me of another weird cultural fantasy that females are brought up to think about. Toes. Ok, so I’m not positive that other females were warped like me but I remember reading and hearing lame stories in magazines, shows…maybe even real life about how some guy that they totally like showed how much he cared by stating that, “You have cute toes”. Honestly? Who came up with this delusion because I certainly never had a guy tell me he thought my toes were cute. I don’t think my toes are cute so I always was hoping that some guy wouldn’t look at them or not care. Personally, I think toes look like worms stuck onto my lump of a foot….And then I suffer from messed up pinky toes. I used to think it’s because maybe I had bad shoes as a kid but I think I was just in denial that my pinky toes were naturally kind of funky. The nails aren’t like the rest of them and they’re so stubby. I guess I just find it strange looking back and wondering why it seemed so unique and an obvious indicator of true love if a guy told a girl she had cute toes. I think I’d rather have had them compliment my face or something if they weren’t going to compliment my brain….but I’m not saying that our brains are the only factor in attraction since I do think some physical aspects are taken into consideration. But now I feel really anti-progressive since I’m sure some could/would argue that our bodies don’t have to represent what we love but I’m too invested in my body because it’s apart of me since I don’t like to think our brains are overriding our bodies. I never read Descartes but I really ought to since one of my professors basically told us that our general interpretation of the body/mind isn’t really what he was talking about but I’m kind of talking out of my element. I suppose, in my long winded way of saying things, is that I never wanted some guy to love some random aspect of my body that doesn’t seem important to me as a sign of his unique understanding and love of me. But then I know I’m being hypocritical because I know I take pride in certain parts of my body and even if we look at mainstream media women are often prized for their top and bottom mounds, their legs, their lips, sexy eyes, perfect noses, and even hair.

I suppose we (in the U.S. or mainly mainstream U.S.) created fetishes of certain body parts and so growing up and reading about ‘cute toes’ just seemed out of my grasp of understanding. It’s like belly buttons..personally I think they’re kind of weird…knots that collect lint and are kind of determined by how a doctor ties them up and how our bodies heal. Or makeup…there are lots of guys/girls who don’t like women to wear much makeup while others really like it. Gosh, now my whole point of ‘cute toes’ rant seems wrong. Hmmm…maybe my problem is with the fact that I feel like women might have created this fantasy of ‘cute toes’. I never remember reading some women’s magazine in which a male writer talked about cute toes…it always seemed to be coming from a female perspective. And these sorts of fantasies seem to encourage young women to buy into them when the fantasies might not have much of basis. I’m not saying that toes can’t be sexy or cute but I don’t think in the U.S. mainstream media that it’s a big deal. Yet these fetishes create some fantasy that a man/partner can sum up their encompassing love by stating some random fact. I don’t think would have ever told Nathan he had cute toes while we were dating because I was concerned about understanding him and his larger features like face and height because those were the parts of him that were new and different. Sure, now I like to rub his ears b/c they’re soft and cute but as a dating compliment…I think he would have thought I was nutters.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about that for awhile and wanted to write about it. In the end…I suppose we’re all conditioned somewhat by society but it’s still weird thinking back on my youth and remembering why certain things were so confusing…Stupid toes.


In other news, I took the kitties for their annual visit to the vet which is just always a nightmare. I’m going to feel guilty for weeks now. I swear our cat carriers are industrial strength because it took so long for me to snap the clasps on and the vet. assistant was helping me dismantle one of them because Re wouldn’t come out and she was struggling to undo the clasps. At least it’s better than our old ones that had crappy screws that would fall out. Anyway, I always feel bad taking them because they end up hating me for a few days because they think I want them to be scared and sick from all their shots. I think I owe Fe like 10 belly rubs now because she kept running away from me once I got home and she hid under the dresser for hours.

I totally love the female Vet. because she’s so nice and calm with the cats and to be honest the male Vet. is kind of patronizing towards them…I know, weird? He always talks to the cats like they’re dolls that are doing something bad and it really freaks me out. But the female Vet. is super nice and tries to pet the cats and get them to be a bit comfortable and is always talkative to me. Plus she didn’t give me shit since Re is a bit overweight. I weighed her two weeks ago and she was 12lbs. but it seems like she gained a pound and we really work hard to keep her weight down. At least the vet was understanding since we have two cats which might have to do with her overeating if Re is eating out of both bowls when Fe isn’t hungry. Surprisingly, Fe weighed 9lbs. but I think that is because she had worms which meant she had to undergo more trauma during the visit.

It’s always weird too since their names in the Vet. computer are Sage and Licorice since we got them from the Petsmart Adoption center and they use our local VCA for their vaccines. We never bothered to change the names because no one can ever remember Re and Fe. We usually just tell people….the grey one….the black one. I always have to remember to call the girls by their fake names when I pick up food or for their checkups because I know the entire world is incapable of remembering their names…oh my poor kitties… >.<

The only other thing I have to post is….Food! yay more food. If anyone wants to make this entire dish read the whole thing first since it’s kind of out of order in terms of timing.

So I’ve been meaning to make mini pot pies for the last few days but we kind of got hooked on this burger place over in Seabright which is super good…it’s like In-n-out but more local…I even like the pickles…Mmm veggie burgers with nice buns and pickles…Anyway, so I finally got around to making them today and they came out really great. It’s kind of annoying though that I made the dough during the summer since it’s hard to roll out the buttery dough without it getting too…buttery again. The dough ended up making only 5 mini pot pies which is kind of annoying since I wanted to make a bunch to freeze.

I’ll post the recipe since I kind of made it myself (except for the dough which I got off of the OG Moosewood Cookbook).

1 med onion, chopped                   1 carrot, diced                2 garlic cloves minced                  1/3 cup corn                  1/3 cup peas                    1.5 cup mushrooms, sliced                    1 cup seitan, finely chopped

1 cup No-Chicken broth/or Veggie broth +2 Tbs. soy sauce             3Tbs. Flour/or Cornstarch                      1tps. dried basil           1tsp. dried thyme         Salt, pepper,whatever spices you want to taste

Pie crustx2 or more…

My pie crust was for top and bottom but it only made 5 cupcake sized pies since I was scared that the bottoms would get soggy and it’s summer so the buttery dough had to be rolled quickly in my warm kitchen. I’m sure veteran pie makers or just better cooks in general could make the most out of two pie crusts but I couldn’t 😛

Sauteed the carrots, onion, and garlic in some peanut oil for a few minutes then added the mushrooms, seitan, broth, flour and spices and cooked it up for a few minutes. I didn’t cook it for more than 10minutes since it was going to be baked and the carrots would soften up in the oven anyway. I added the peas and corn right before I filled the shells since I don’t like mushy peas and I wanted the corn to be a bit more firm.

For the shells: First I brushed the pan with some vegetable shortening and then I rolled out the dough and cut the dough into fifths. The shortening seemed to help with popping the pies out of the pan which is the only reason why I used it. I trimmed the dough around the edges and pricked the bottoms. I didn’t use pie weights because I forgot but I would recommend doing so since my shells seemed to have lifted off the pan a bit and therefore didn’t allow for as much filling on some of the pies. I did a blind bake at 375F for about 10min.

I filled the pies with the filling and then rolled out top pie crust and used a 2inch wide cup to cut out the tops. Placed them on top of the shells and molded them as best I could and then cut 4 slits on the top on each pie to allow the steam to escape. I baked them for about 25 minutes or until a bit brown on the top. I noticed that some of the pies over juiced a bit and so I had to use a knife to angle the pies from their mold and then simply lifted them onto the plate. Even though they seemed a bit juicy I think I should have added more filling since they seemed a bit crust heavy…but it’s summer and I’m crappy at pie doughs so it might have been my personal mistake…

I also decided to roast some taters which I actually began about 50min before the pies. I recently picked up some German Butterball Potatoes which are really cute and small and are supposed to be super yummy even without butter…hence the name…butterball. I diced up about 4 of them and placed them in a small baking dish with about 2Tbs. olive oil with ground pepper and coarse sea salt. Remember to coat and toss. I initially placed them into a cool oven at about 425F with some aluminum foil and baked them for 20min. Then I took off the foil and cooked them again for 15min. I then went to turn them over but they seemed stuck to the glass and I really had to dig and scrape the bottoms to get them to turn over. This is the first time I’ve ever roasted potatoes and I looked it up later and some people said to use parchment paper to prevent the taters from sticking but I also wonder if I a. should have moved them after I took the foil off or b. placed them in a preheated oven. I try not to preheat my oven unless it’s baked goods or my pizza stone since I try to conserve energy but maybe the taters need a preheated oven. Or maybe I should have moved them after the foil came off. I’ll have to try again.

Anyway, after the first 15min, I then turned the taters over and cooked them for another 15min. I just sat the dish on top of the oven with the foil loosely covering the dish to keep it warm. Also, I let the mini pot pies cool for about 10minutes before I served them and so I placed the taters back in the cooling oven to keep them even more warm. Next, I chopped up some broccoli and used my mini microwave steamer and steamed them for about a minute. Served it all up for a great fall/winter dinner during the summer!

Picture 205

Hmm…did I mention these crazy German Butterball taters are really yellow on the inside? they look like pure butter…omg I’m hungry.

Picture 206

As everyone can see…I suck at making pie dough…and our pizza cutter sucks now so I had to use a knife to try and cut and shape the shells…omg don’t judge me >.> Actually, I think the shells were blind baked at this point which would explain why they look even more crappy.

Picture 207

Well, I’m super proud at how these came out….look at the shiny taters with the hint of green steamed broccoli and the cute little pies.

Picture 209

Shiny taters…super big pictures! Mmmm I’m hungry


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