I’d like to be…under the sea

Fall is finally settling in.

Ah, how I love fall/autumn. Everything always feels so crisp and I love the cool wind on my face as I bundle up. I’m so excited because it always seems so quiet during Fall and maybe pensive as well.

I’m getting anxious about my knitting projects since I still haven’t received my yarn and Nathan probably won’t get his vegan shoes until Nov. >.< Sometimes it is rather annoying to be vegan….He ordered his shoes in august and since the shoes come from the UK it will take longer and my yarn is from Canada so I’m sure it’s moving slowly. I’m seriously considering ordering more yarn in hopes that I might get it by the time I finish the project that I have yet to start. In the meantime I’m knitting a kittie bed and maybe will do some dishtowels out of boredom until my yarn arrives.

In other news, I have some pics of my beautiful Dahlias…well not mine but in my home. One of them was actually two toned: part solid color and part mixed. Totally bizarre when I first saw it but kind of neat.

Picture 313Picture 316

We went to Natural Bridges this week which is about a mile from where we live. We hadn’t been for years so I figured we ought to head up especially since I hadn’t seen the tide pools. We first headed to the Falafel House and picked up…Falafel and then sat at the picnic tables over at Natural Bridges. We had a friend who was probably more interested in our food than us but he was really cute.

Picture 320Picture 321

Posting some pics nothing too interesting or in need of explanation.

Picture 326Picture 327Picture 328Picture 330

Well maybe a little. First one is pretty awesome to be near because all these pelicans, seagulls, and other birds hang out on top. This is the only reason that I can guess why it’s called Natural Bridges but I should look it up. Second one is where the tide pools are at and I love that time of day when the ocean looks part silver. The fourth one is a sea anemone or at least it looked like one. Actually it looks like a monster to me.

Picture 332Picture 334Picture 335

We had lots of fun walking around and relaxing. The climb back up the hill was our second workout for the day since it was pretty steep and sandy…my poor buns! Zomg, I’m super excited because we got our Stepper on Friday and put it together on Sunday. I swear, every time we buy something there is always something missing or wrong. Like our Stepper, we were getting ready to put the screen on and connect the wires when we realized that the ground wires didn’t have the male piece. We looked everywhere to see if maybe it was in a small bag but nothing. So I figured I’d go get the stupid piece of metal and get showered but then Nathan figured out we could just use foil as a substitute. Because I’m awesome, we had electrical tape handy to make sure the wires didn’t disconnect. Oh, and I’m also super awesome because I bought a wrench a few months back and we actually needed one. I think all those times at Costco with my dad is slowly becoming beneficial…He and my great grandfather both loved tools so maybe that’s why every time I’m at the hardware store I have to pick up something that I don’t immediately need. Ah, I love going. I’m hoping to sand down our windows and repaint them and also get new handles on the cabinets since ours are crap. Our complex could actually be pretty decent if they spent more than the bare minimum on repairs and paint. I mean really, isn’t that why all those home decorating shows are so popular? It seriously doesn’t take much effort or money to make places look better. Anyway, I’ll focus…

So yes, we got our stepper in our tiny apt. but it’s super awesome. Unfortunately we didn’t have curtains in the kitchen since our pets like to look out the windows and it’s nice to let the light in. But now I so don’t want our neighbors to randomly see my sweaty tomato face as they walk by since that would be awkward. So for now we’re really ghetto and are using a sheet until I can find some curtains that we like. Which is actually kind of hard…I’ve been looking online for awhile and most don’t really suit our tastes or aren’t cotton/hemp/plant based. The ones that are plant based are always white or brown or some other color that I really don’t want on our walls. Anyway, I present, our sort of crappy window curtain.

Picture 341

Not that we can really sit on our sofa anymore unless we shove it over but oh well. We don’t really sit on it much anyway. It mainly is our grocery bag holder and cat bed.

I got Nathan to put up our cross yesterday, it still needs a candle but at least it’s up. Also my sun mirror for my mom since I’m not sure she’s seen it.

Picture 338Picture 340

Sort of a boring blog but I wanted the familia to see my awesome new wall hanging. Anyway, take care and eat lots of yummy food šŸ˜€


2 Responses to “I’d like to be…under the sea”

  1. 1 xxxicana
    9 October, 2009 at 4:04 am

    Wow!! You two are looking good . . . your power walks must be working! Love the Dahlias! Love the fotos of the tide pools . . . do you remember sticking your toes into sea anemones when you were little? Very nice wall art . . . the stairmaster fits right in! šŸ™‚ Love and kisses!

  2. 2 oniontears
    9 October, 2009 at 5:48 am

    Haha, I remember the tide pools! When we were there I wanted to poke my finger on their little tentacles so much but I let them be. As for the stepper…omg it’s killer. Puts our walks to shame.

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