eternal wish: to stop all suffering

So our cats have fleas

I had to give them their flea medication which I hate doing and rarely do because I know it’s a pesticide and really harmful especially since a vet assistant told me it’s used once a month because “it can make them crazy”. So really, I avoid it but seeing RE’s burgered buns I had to do something. Should have looked up PETA first. I’m not going to rant today about animal cruelty, gunna save that for another day, but I wanted to link this website that looks pretty promising…

It’s backed by PETA and I couldn’t find much info on the company besides other websites offering their products but it’s funny because I read one of their ingredients…garlic.

I was telling Nathan the other day how it’s weird that we don’t have flea bites since they sleep with us….it got me thinking…I know that garlic is like this super food/herb because it practically fixes everything and I think I’m wrong but I’m going to throw it out there but I think I read an article on how people with certain aspects in their blood fend off mosquitoes better. I really don’t want to say that garlic was involved but I remember thinking that maybe it had also to do with garlic since I know it repels vampires and people. I usually double, or triple, the amount of garlic in the food I make so it makes sense that we don’t get bitten as much as our cats. But I’ve been wondering about the garlic aspect for awhile and then this company actually talked about how garlic is really helpful.

I’m not going to write about veganism right now even though I want to…I’m so angry and upset that I tend to not read these things because it’s horrifying. But people use these kinds of tactics all the time and sometimes it’s not as productive as it should be or is degrading to the memory of these people/animals but I still think it’s good to know what is happening. Anyway, I hope people with pets will look more into things because it seems that people only really care about injustices that concern humans or the environment…we’ve been leaving out non-humans for so long and it’s disappointing.

Rosie’s Remedies

I’ll try to put this site on my ‘links’ too.


1 Response to “eternal wish: to stop all suffering”

  1. 1 xxxicana
    18 November, 2009 at 4:56 am

    Jeezzzzzz . . your kitties sure get fleas a lot, and they don’t even go outside! Garlic IS a miracle plant . . . tasty and good for one’s health. I also hate putting nasty pesticides on the cats, but I have had no luck with other methods. It’s a balancing act because they get diseases and suffer from flea bites, it makes me mad at those bad fleas. But, to take care of the fleas I have to put a nasty chemical concoction on them that I don’t know what effects might cause in the future.

    On a positive note, poopy kitty responded to her medication and is doing much better with the little box.

    big hugs! 😀

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