iBarf (or The Jackalope)


The new mac program.

I swear that our cats barf too much. I think they have worms actually so I have to go to the vet soon and get them some meds. Seriously, I was taking out the trash and recycling today and didn’t even notice that my jeans had barf on them…thank god I noticed before I started knitting because I really would hate to tell my family members ‘ya it had barf on it but I cleaned it’ . Anyway, working on my Xmas gifts and got more yarn in the mail. I feel really bad because I’ve pretty much neglected my home duties: cooking, complete cleaning, etc. I’m really just doing the basic domestic requirements because I’m trying to get everything done.

( I wrote part of this blog right after Thanksgiving but never published it so some of it may seem out of date but I thought I ought to post my writing anyway) In other news, Thanksgiving was fun. I made my Pecan Pie Tart which was tasty but not pretty at all. Most recipes call for eggs and corn syrup but I didn’t want to use corn syrup but asked anyway at my market…they didn’t have it. So I looked up a substitute and the joyofbaking.com said that 1 cup of sugar could be used instead. Well, I suppose that is true for certain recipes but not for this pie since the sugar crystallized and looked awful. Super tasty but not a beautiful pie. For the egg I used a 1/4 cup of silken tofu and for baked goods like pies and cakes it really helps to use a blender and mix all the wet ingredients together. I first blended the tofu but it was still chunky…then I added the rest of the liquids and it took on a velvety texture that was perfect for the pie.

For the actual meal, we bought the Tofurky Feast which consisted of a roast, gravy, potato dumplings, and a ‘jerky wishbone’. Threw out the wishbone, thawed the roast and gravy and started up the mash potatoes. Baked the roast with onions, potatoes, and carrots and fried up the dumplings in my new cast iron skillet. Nathan made his super awesome taters and cut the roast…I feel bad because I made him cut the roast ‘turkey’ style in the sense that he didn’t just slice it…well the package did say that it tasted better cut poultry style because of the cut, flavors, and stuffing. Honestly, the dumplings were alright for the first few bites but then we totally didn’t like them. I did like the gravy as did Nathan and we actually used most of it. Little left overs and a great ‘Thanksgiving’ themed dinner.

Mmm…tasty roast and pie/tart. It looks so small but it was so sweet I couldn’t eat more than a tiny slice.

In other food news…lots of mandarins right now that look so exquisite that it is almost hard to eat them. Also, made my first tortillas on my new skillet. So proud and great to eat. Last pic is RE sleeping on my knitting bag…it looks so uncomfortable.

Well, I’m updating this un-published post and I have so much to write but I won’t bother going into as much detail as I’d like. I’m mainly concerned with writing about the Jackalope or Lepus-temperamentalus. I just read some article on yahoo about jackalopes and I find it so awesome and interesting. I grew up with a lot of Southwestern influences and I remember my great-grandfather talking to me about them and I remember having postcards of them and at one point I think I had a ‘jackalope foot’ which in retrospect I can’t even bring myself to dislike despite my veganism. I don’t know how it came up in conversation months ago, but Nathan also knew of the Jackalope and we talked about them for awhile. Eventually, on World of Warcraft, we decided to make our own guild (a group of players that are essentially like a team…think of them like sports teams or people who share similar interests) and I thought up bunnies….well…bunnies didn’t seem masculine for some people to be happy with so I thought up the Jackalope…how awesome would that name be? So we mulled it over and brainstormed names and finally came up with ‘Return of the Jackalope’…a tribute to both the historical Jackalope and Star Wars.

I really love the Jackalope and apparently they do exist in some fashion but not necessarily in the same way as I think of them. The article on yahoo makes Jackalopes seem real because of a virus but I think it sort of demeans them. I feel like it’s saying, ‘Santa is real” when it’s more legendary and sentimental than a fact. For me, Jackalopes exist because I can’t imagine a world without them and maybe they aren’t seen because we don’t want to see them. It’s like scientists ‘discovering’ life in the world when those pieces of life have already existed long before ‘humans’ discovered them. Like atoms, or different ‘races’, or ‘prehistoric’ life that still live in this age…so many things are around us that we just don’t perceive. I don’t think I’m being stupid, naive, or imaginative when I say that I believe in Jackalopes. I don’t think we can disprove that they exist and even if people link it to a virus…well…how many interesting appearances occur through mutation? Should we say that blue eyes, black eyes, left-handedness, red hair,etc are only a genetic mutation or a result of a recessive gene being pronounced? Why can’t we accept beauty and uniqueness for what it is instead of constantly having to dissect its origin?

And that is another thing, I’m tired of my vets claiming that my girls aren’t sisters when they look alike and we were told they were sisters when we adopted them. I don’t really think the vet has the right to tell me that my girls aren’t related by blood because they don’t think they look alike when I know that cats and dogs have different looking offspring all the time. Even if they are not blood related I don’t see why the vet always has to point it out because to me they are my girls who hog the bed, make me hold them when they feel needy, and make me play  ‘soccer ball and mouse-y time’ with them. I don’t know…sometimes I do feel like my pets are my children and I don’t really think its about anthropomorphizing them. If I think about it….we assume intelligence on human babies and stupid humans so why can’t my kitties be my little girls. I don’t bottle feed them or dress them up but I do think they have feelings and think about things…like when they pull down my sweatshirt next to the heater to make a warm bed…well I think that is pretty smart. It comes down to two things…why are we so in touch with our biological children in terms of their needs when I also know the emotions of my cats which are considered ‘animals’ and why do humans consider themselves above other animals when we are in fact…animals.

I hope someday that there will be movies, plays, productions, and literature about how the world revolved around humans like the sun….like kings were thought of…I’m not saying that all animals are as ‘smart’ as we are but in some ways they are…we’re destroying the earth while little asian carps are being put on trial and executed in the great lakes because some shitty farmers couldn’t keep them in their pens and so we’re resorting to poisoning the water for animals we introduced. I think sometimes…we have too little faith in our own species in terms of what we can do…we could do a lot of good…but sometimes I think we have too little faith in what exists…Like the Jackalope.


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