Apples and Peanut butter

Mmm. I ❤ Apples and Peanut butter.

Nathan thinks it’s gross so I’ve been forcing him to eat a bite whenever I eat some just to slowly break his will. I love the creamy butter with the crisp, crunch of the apple and the little peanuts that are on top. Mmm….I love texture too much.

Anyway, I just got finished reading this article about the regulation of organic foods. Check it out, short but a bit interesting. I see tons of articles on Yahoo that go on and on about which products to buy organic and which to skip and I find it really interesting how organic food is marketed. As much as I like to think I’m not a snob I probably am. I’m willing to pay pretty much any price for organic and fair trade but it’s not like I’m some millionaire either.

I suppose we have the luxury of buying high end food because of where we live and because we’re only feeding ourselves (plus our animals). But I mean, we don’t have kids which can really impact families in regards to spending which is why we should all have cats or dogs instead haha jk.

I don’t know, maybe I am a snob….I went a week without bananas because our local market was out of the fair trade brand and I had accidentally bought Dole bananas the week before. I was so freaked out when I realized my mistake because the market always has fair trade bananas and yet I still felt conflicted because either way people (workers) need jobs to survive but then I feel like if I give into that mentality then I’m being a complacent consumer who could change how products are sold, produced, etc just by my choices.

So that is my pretty much half the reason why I justify my organic/fair trade and somewhat local choices in food. But after reading the article I thought about the other reason(s) why I chose these products and it’s been really bothering me that no one points it out. I keep seeing articles that say we don’t need to buy organic potatoes or garlic or whatever it is although the lists always vary and half the time I think they’re crap.

I wonder why the organic movement doesn’t stress the importance of buying organic not only for our bodies but also for the benefit of the earth and animals. I don’t buy organic just for myself but also because I imagine all the horrible chemicals that have and still impact the world. I remember sitting in my Environmental Studies class in HS and learning about DDT and how eagles couldn’t reproduce because their egg shells were so thin that the the chicks couldn’t survive before they could hatch. And ya, this is where the whole snob thing comes in because I can sit here and say I buy all the organic stuff but that isn’t my point really. I mean we buy electronics  and who knows about some of our other items that have major impact on the world, animals, and people so that is why I try to keep in mind my own lack of concern.

I suppose what bugs me is that the organic movement seems really self absorbed in regards to humanity. We’re only concerned about organic food and pesticides because it could give us cancer but who cares about the fact that the whales are going to be extinct in the 23rd century and Capt. Kirk will have to fly around the sun to land in 1980 San Francisco… Well, actually maybe it’s not too far fetched since I think the ban on whaling is going to be disputed again in the summer which could be horrible for the whales that have been protected for decades…not that is has stopped countries from killing whales…ugh

Anyway, I suppose my question is why does the organic movement (and similar ones) focus so much on our bodies? Is it because it’s easier to scare people into caring about what is going into their bodies rather than trying to get people to care about the earth and themselves? Granted I’m not trying to say that the movement(s) are using scare tactics but I think fear does play into it when my conventional tomatoes might give me brain cancer or something. Maybe I just feel like the idea of organic/fair trade is becoming a bit shallow or not thought about. I’m sure lots of people have to pick which items they buy are organic or not because of their income and family size but I still think we should think about it in a bigger context. Like, maybe people can only afford organic apples but not potatoes but it shouldn’t just be because of what they put in their bodies because we’re putting loads of chemicals into the earth which supports us.

So that is my subdued rant. It’s a bit early for me to get too annoyed. And I hope I got my point across…I’m really horrible with that. I tend to give a lot of points but my main arguments sometimes don’t come through.

Nothing new to post really but I’m pretty excited that we got our yoga mats last week. I found this really awesome website called Gaiam months ago and found some cheap eco-friendly mats. I think ours were 20USD per mat which seems pretty reasonable. I totally want their 400USD sheets or whatever the price is because I’m a sucker and I love sheets to begin with. My favorite hobby is sleeping after all.  Anyway, so now that we got our mats we’ve been doing this Yoga/pilates workout and it’s so nice that we can stream our Netflix to the t.v.

I feel so lame but I know that we would never make it to the yoga center here in town. With Nathan’s work schedule and our tendency to work out at different times each week…I just don’t think we’d do well trying to fit in classes…so we’re doing it at home. To be honest, the first few minutes has us giggling for feeling so lame doing these yoga moves in our home but then the moves get harder and the next thing we know Yoga is kicking our asses. Seriously, the first time we did it we were recovering the entire week. I didn’t even know I had muscles in some of those places. I must say that some of the chicks following the instructor have huge guns. Omg, I don’t know what they’re doing but I’m pretty sure they could snap my neck by just flexing.

So we did yoga twice this week…it’s like a 40min video and it’s kind of nice to alternate between that and the machine. We’re so exciting.

The only other thing is that I’m getting really impatient for my seller’s permit. Gotta call them and ask what is going on. I can’t wait to buy all my yarn and I’ve been wanting to do some projects. Right now I’m taking a break from one of my prototype designs which needs some work so I’ve been working on Nathan’s socks. I was supposed to have started them 4 months ago. They’re coming a long nicely but I got almost no work done yesterday because I just discovered the show Better Off Ted. Omg so funny. And it’s weird because I thought Portia de Rossi kind of sucked in Arrested Development. I don’t know…everyone thinks I’m crazy….but I just didn’t think she pulled off that character. But in this new show I think she kills it…well the whole cast is awesome but I totally wonder why I didn’t like her in AD…maybe it was the writing or maybe I just couldn’t see her as being shallow and vain or something. Another mystery unsolved.

Glad to have wasted people’s time on my thoughts…haha. Anyway, I best be off to catch my bus. I should post soon but not sure if I will. Take care and eat yummy food.


2 Responses to “Apples and Peanut butter”

  1. 30 April, 2010 at 2:35 am

    Comment 1. apples & pb are one of life’s greatest combinations, up there with hot chocolate & mini marshmallows, salt & pepper, and bread & butter. You break down Nathan’s walls, his heart knows the truth but his taste buds are blind
    2. I want to buy organic but I sadly am a life failure and can’t even buy all my own groceries
    3. I am so excited you referenced that old ass star trek movie, I totally had it on VHS as a kid and watched it a lot! Beam me up, scottie!

  2. 2 xxxicana
    7 May, 2010 at 5:04 pm

    hahahahaha . . . I’m glad to see that I was able to make subliminal impacts on your cerebral cortex . . .. hahahahaha . . . a Star Trek reference! You make your mommi proud! Great post! It is true that a lot of the hype around oraganic food, backyard farming, and other similar movements focus mostly on the consumer. It also seems to be pretty yuppy driven — peeps that can afford to shell out major bucks for organic hemp clothing. Unfortunately, for low income people (with or without spawn) organic and fresh food is often out of the question. This is a great conversation, without easy answers. But, it does a body good to think about the larger picture.

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