Yay for vegan shoes

Obviously, this post will have nothing important besides shoes.

Just warning people who might be expecting food or some political rants about stupid people and the government…well maybe a little now that I think about it.

So let’s see…my business is slowly but steadily pulling together. Good thing I’m not opening a store because I’d be past my opening deadline. I blame the govt. since it took 3 attempts to send me my stupid sellers permit and when they did the receptionist wrote my name wrong…Lirisa…FFS I spelled my name out for her and she had all the information in front of her on the computer screen. I was really about to go ballistic because I was scared that the permit was also going to be under my misspelled name which I’d have to send back since I don’t want the IRS showing up thinking I’m leeching off of my own Social Security.

I’ve ordered my yarn and I’m totally excited about it and apparently I’m on first name basis with the West Coast Rep. So Cindy and I are bffs and I felt really weird being all professional because I’m anything but professional. My stupid new voicemail is super professional and I feel like a sellout. And it’s pretty boring and I actually redid it a million times because I felt like I’d say things too slowly or too quickly and then I’d start giggling because who would have thought I’d go into business? Of course I added some nerdiness into the message so for all who know me you can call if you’re interested and I’ll ignore you until you leave a message just so you can hear it.

I gotta reinstall my photoshop and get my logo set up. I’ve done some sketches and pretty certain I know which one I like best. I’ve actually been getting back into drawing and been watching anime which just fuels my drawing habit. I’ve always been a doodler which Nathan always thinks is funny because his papers always look super nice and clean and my papers (from docs to receipts) are littered with cats, little anime drawings, flowers and if they survive that I usually turn them into little origami cranes. I think I’m a hand oriented person. Maybe that is why I like crafts and now pursuing a part time (maybe eventually full time) career in knitting. I’m a picky eater so I don’t think that at this point I can make my business full time since Nathan also gets off work late so we’d be eating dinner so late if I asked him to cook. He actually really helped me learn how to cook in the early stages because I was a baker more than a cook and followed recipes to a fault. The end results were always a bit bland so he helped me understand how to add spices or other things to cater to our tastes. I used to think baking as really rigid but now that I’ve read more and baked more extensively (ok my puff pastry needs more work) I’ve realized that baking is quite close to cooking. Some ingredients stay the same and when dealing with baking powder and stuff you gotta mix it rather quickly with the liquids but there is quite a bit of room to experiment. Speaking of baking…I got a bunch of cherries last week and I gotta make some cherry tarts or a pie. Mmm I love cherries.

Anyway, let’s see what else is on my mind. Our apt complex is slowly turning into white trash central. And not in a good way. Seriously…I’m so sick of these jerks yelling constantly…can’t they just pick up their stupid dog instead of yelling at it for 10min? Or how about you not yell to the neighbors who are 20ft away that you’re serving up cocktails? Jeez just walk over to them and mention that you’re having a get together and walk back. And I’m kind of getting scared for my cats because there is this one guy who every time I hear him on his cell he’s practically punching the other person on the other end. I’m scared he’ll spit on our cats or punch them. And I’m being totally serious…A common convo that I get the pleasure of hearing, “Shut the fuck up, I don’t need this shit with the cops when I’m trying to sell weed and I don’t need this shit about them watching me…” etc. Like seriously? I’ve been super happy the last year because our neighbors were nice and respectful (omg I’m going soft). But really…I don’t care if people have parties or do drugs but I don’t want to listen to all this yelling at 4pm about crap and Oh another peeve…they all park in the driveway when the rest of us have to pay for the yearly street permit. If half of us have to pay for the permit they should too because it’s not a bank breaker and it blocks our driveway when they park like jerks and we can’t get our bikes through. Nathan actually ripped his pants trying to get by the cars and he joked he should have keyed their cars. Maybe we’ll stick potatoes in their exhaust pipe. Well, now I can’t since this might be used as evidence…ah my criminal career is slowly dying.

I haven’t posted in so long that I feel like I gotta write so much. I’ve been reading the Three Musketeers and it’s so good! I’m really disappointed that the disney movie from the 90s is so not close to the book. It’s one of my favorites…god Tim Curry and Oliver Platt in one movie?!? So reading the book I was kind of blindsided on how different it is. I guess that’s what I get for being a disney loyalist. I’m kind of making this list of names for my imaginary children and now the musketeers are on that list. Athos, Aramis, and Porthos…although I can’t do Porthos since they’d nickname him Portly especially if we move to the UK. I really want Nikola after Nikola Tesla but then they’d nickname him Nick and I hate that name. Sorry for the Nicks out there 😦 I know it’s stupid but it’s something I picked up from my Carranza side…gotta pick names that have good nicknames because otherwise you’ll have kids with embarrassing nicknames. Grr, and at work Nathan often goes by as Nate and it drives me insane because I hate that version of his name. Not that I call him Nathan or Nathaniel in general since I usually give him one of hundreds pet names…I’m a sap I know.

Anyway, some subdued political stuff…People should check out Greenpeace and sign a petition to Pres. Obama to urge him to not agree to the debate of opening up commercial whale hunting. I already did and I think right now we are a bit short of fulfilling their goal. I have a strong anthropological background not because of my time at the university but because of my parents so, saying that, I understand some communities should have the right to whale if it is sustainable and historically cultural. But I think that many do it possibly because it may be the few options of employment and/or because there is so much money to be made. I personalized my message by mentioning that his daughter has been said by him that she wants to know what he is doing to save the tigers and so I think whales should also be on that list including all the living creatures on this planet from plants to the genius creating new technology. I know it’s sappy but, really, watching Star Trek a few weeks ago and watching them save the whales really reminded me of how far we’ve come and how the idea of saving one species was relatively new and yet still today people don’t seem to think about animals and plants as having a right to live. I joked that I got conned into donating 15USD a month to greenpeace but really…we spend at least 30USD on our online game so half that amount to me seems like a worthy expense. I always remember the Dodo from Alice in Wonderland and I’ve always been so annoyed that I never got the chance to see that bird because they were killed off. And I remember driving down the coast when I was younger and watching for the whale spouts and dolphins jumping in the air. I’m such a bleeding heart haha.

But anyway, I know some may not agree with the practices of Greenpeace or Peta (even I have some issues with Peta) but something like breaking the decades-long pact of not doing commercial whaling seems to me as if we’re reverting to the dark ages. We can’t rely on oil forever…maybe we could eventually make fuel off of poop and since some whales are fairly large maybe we could track whales and collect their poop? We shouldn’t cage them in though..I know it sounds stupid but isn’t that what a lot of old fertilizer was? poop and stuff? My point being…animals are constantly battling for survival and often just trying to avoid being killed through our transportation whether it be air, ground, or water. The other day when I was crossing the road to our street  I saw this ran over bird whose brain was exploded all over the road and I know it was some of its brain since it started at the head. There is no way a biker could have hit the bird so it probably was a slow bird that got run over. And the fucked up part was that I didn’t even try to pick up its body and move it somewhere…I felt like such a bitch…leaving its body because I had groceries on my bike and was scared that someone might steal my bike and food while trying to stop traffic for this dead bird.

Two other issues. The first one is short…I hope people are still reading up on the Haiti situation at least to recognize how so many countries and communities in the world need help. It’s why I don’t mind living in a studio because I remember that there are those who don’t even have the option of food everyday or health care and although I’m currently not under health care insurance I still can pay for it privately. The other issue the huge oil spill in the gulf. I really hope people realize how tragic and wasteful this entire incident has been. I’m not even sure if that oil can be collected and used but imagine how many animals are being threatened right now, the impact on the environment, and the impact on communities whom rely on the sea for their income. Plus, how much of our tax dollars are going into paying for this clean up when we could have spent the money on finding alternative energy sources. Just a thought.

I suppose I should end this post since I write so much as it is. Gunna post Nathan’s shoes and mine. Honestly…I’m really protective of cool stuff that I find so I might not share where I got my shoes because I don’t want to share how cute they are haha. I’ll try to post pics of us wearing our shoes but it might not be until the cruise in july. First up are Nathan’s shoes: loafers (which we haven’t ordered yet) and his dress shoes then mine 😀 Anyway, take care and eat yummy food.

P.S. For those who haven’t seen Paprika….going to link/post a great intro to it. This movie is in my top ten of all time for its creativity.


3 Responses to “Yay for vegan shoes”

  1. 29 May, 2010 at 4:19 pm

    OMG . . . I LOVELOVELOVE your shoes! They are way too cute! Nathan’s shoes are tres cool as well. You guy’s will be rockin’ the boat! :>

  2. 2 Shell
    2 June, 2010 at 3:04 pm

    Looks like I’m going to have to step things up a notch in the wardrobe department. Is it too late to designate a them? 😉

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