I’m kind of busy

So I’m a nerd.

Hard core.

Seriously, two days out of my week are dedicated to raiding with my group. I lead one of the days so I’m awesome. I’ve never actually been with a group that is run by a RL (real life) girl/woman so I do feel a bit cool that I’m a girl raid leader (also RL). Raids are an online gaming thing. Most people run with guilds which are a group of people who are all together like a club. So all the ‘club’ members meet at a certain time and day to defeat bosses and monsters, etc. Of course it’s more complicated than this and way more nerdy but I love it. Originally, another guy ran the raid but random members joked that they wanted Raid Leader status and eventually I became the regular raid leader. So now I gotta know all my fights, what most classes do, and group utility. And, not to sound lame, I feel really cool doing it. I don’t know many female toons that play; let alone lead a raid and recruit people. So I feel important. Especially since I run a Pug (Pick Up Group) which isn’t a guild run, aka basically random people who band together for that specific raid. It’s harder since people don’t feel like they have to show up since there isn’t the pressure or obligation that guilds (aka clubs) have.

Anyway, tonight was horrible. They did a patch in the game and some of my regulars couldn’t come so I got screwed. Ack, so stressful leading this stuff. But I love talking to some of the people b/c they’re interesting and help me lead better and can actually talk about some interesting Real Life stuff. So nerdy but hey, I don’t try to assume that I’m cool…damn hipsters.

I love online gaming even though it can be really racist, sexist, and generally everything -ist. I’ve had to tell off people for being : racist against “Mexicans” (aka all latinos), homophobic, and generally just mean. It’s amazing that the internet can provide an area of anonymity in which people can throw out all social conduct. People will call others: fat asses, stupid/retards, gay, girls, etc. It’s horrible but sometimes….if you try hard enough…you can find decent people who are respectful even if they don’t always agree with you. So I think it’s an interesting space to explore and I’m a full blown nerd. I love cyberspace.

Anyway, my raid this week was horrible b/c I had to find a few new people b/c some couldn’t come. But one of my regulars logged in later and we got to chatting. I mentioned to him (haha all his toons are females too…another interesting aspect…many ‘girl’ characters are often played by men) a show called “The Guild” (watchtheguild.com I think) and he didn’t know it. It’s a small series that is based off of World of Warcraft and super funny….at least if you know anything about online gaming. And he laughed and told me the creators did this song called ‘Do you wanna date my Avatar”. It’s pretty awesome and so sexy. I wish I could be an Online character 😦


In other news, I’m pretty sure we’re moving….

To an apt in the same building hehe. It’s so cool looking and has a spiral staircase. I gotta call the property manager tomorrow to ‘for sure’ stake claim on it but she pretty much told me that we could have it if we wanted. My mom gave a great point in that I’ll have way more work space for my business. Right now…I’m pretty confined to my chair and I have to lay all my patterns, books, and yarn all over my computer desk. So the space will help greatly. Plus the kitties will have so much more room to run around and not annoy me with their pleas for hugs and kisses.

Seriously, I don’t know why people think cats aren’t that affectionate. Our cats make us hold them like babies all the time, they make us snuggle with them, give them belly rubs, and give them kisses with their wet noses. I’m not making this up. They practically force it on us lol.

Anyway, the apt. looks cool and I’ll take pics if we do get it. We’re going to bribe friends with booze to help us move the heavy stuff lol. I’m really excited too because we’ll actually have room to have people spend the night. Our bird, Voxie, won’t be able to have her own room anymore but she has a huge cage. Worse case scenerio, we’ll get a Cockatiel to be her friend since they can’t mate.

If we do get the apt. we won’t be near the trashy people anymore especially since it’s an inside apt. And it’s two stories so our lame neighbors won’t complain if we play music loudly at midnight on a monday. It bothers us because we don’t have a Mon-Fri job that is 9-5.  I’m not saying those kind of jobs are bad but I think it’s lame that our neighbors (it’s the couple next door) expect us to listen to their parties on the “weekends” (aka friday-sunday) when our workdays end on Saturday. I mean…it’s a compact apt building and why should they get to play music and be loud during fri-sun when some of us don’t have the same work week? Sorry, but if they want to play music a bit loud until 1Am on a sunday then we should be able to do the same since we have a different ‘weekend’.

Bah, I’m probably just in bitch mode. I’m gunna pms soon but still…I think I have a valid point.

So ya, I can’t wait to invite my family up to our prospective apt b/c I hate that we can’t ever have people over b/c of our lame apt set up. Our bird will be mad that she doesn’t get an entire room to herself but she has a pretty big cage. The kitchen is small but I can work with that. It’s the upper floor that makes that apt. I’m so excited…I hope we get it because this post will be stupid if we don’t. 😦 anyway, gunna post this awesome song and maybe a clip of ‘the guild’. so funny.

Take care and eat yummy food


1 Response to “I’m kind of busy”

  1. 24 June, 2010 at 9:12 pm

    the new apartment sounds sooo awesome, and it’d be so fun if you could have a work space studio/office thing! I want one so bad haha

    Take care!

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