Any which way

The food network is going to kill me.

So, as some people know we moved into a larger apt. and it’s really, really nice to have more space. It’s like…wow we can have a dinner table and an actual living room. But of course more space means needing more stuff. And another thing, it’s still in the same complex which means the owners/property managers are super cheap and cut corners. We didn’t realize how ghetto they were and to be honest I think one of the reasons we are still with this property is the proximity to downtown and not really having to deal with new neighbors. But that is me bitching.

Anyway, my mention of the ghettoness is our issues with the phone lines. Out of the three phone jacks in the apt. none were working…which is an issue since we rely on the internet for major gaming and general amusement. So we called and told them to fix it…it took close to a month for them to fix it and their solution was so horrifying that it amazes me that people really this dumb…and not in ‘dumb’ sense but in the way that they just don’t care and don’t realize they could make more money off of apts. if they put a tiny bit of effort into these problems. When the guy finally came to fix the internet it took like two days in which I had to sit with him because he wanted to talk…so he asked me if I wanted kids and if I wanted to get married to my partner…totally invasive questions and so traditional…jeez I hate how people figure everyone wants these things. But I guess these questions are normal for most people so maybe I’m just weird. Then on the second day he actually connects the phone line….by running a fucking black cord one inch from the wall moldings with these huge staples and says he’s going to paint the cord…which he didn’t. So now we have this ugly ass cord around half the downstairs walls and the internet is seriously like 90s dial-up speed. Omg…Omfg….dial-up? WTF? am I seriously having to resort to DOS or something?

Ugh so this did not go down well with us. Watching movies on netflix was like watching shows on an old 40s tube tv. And don’t even ask about our gaming speed ::shivers::

So we got cable internet and t.v.

I’m totally bourgeois now but probably not as much as I think. And of course we had to get a new t.v. for the living room and got the new LED screen and a bigger size than Nathan thought we’d get but I’m Salvie…you’re not a true americanized Salvie if you don’t have your huge t.v. So now I’m watching the food network like a…well I won’t say it. I should have been a sailor based on my love for swears. And yes…the t.v. stand is super ugly but Nathan kind of likes it and for now it will do…it was here when we moved in haha.

Anyway, my whole issue is that I’m thinking so much about food now and I’ve been kind of slacking on food since I’ve been knitting and thinking up new ideas. But Thanksgiving is coming up and I’m sort of sick of the Tofurkey roasts. They are good and it’s pretty nice not to really think about cooking much besides taters and stuffing when the roast is pre-made. But this one show I was watching had a pre-cooked ham that was glazed with brown sugar and mustard (plus other goodies) in a pineapple juice bath…and then…omg…and then they pulled it out and attached pineapple slices and cherries to the ham and added more brown sugar and kept spreading on juice every twenty mins or so.

Now my mouth is watering and I’m like sooo thinking I want to do this to a seitan roast. I suppose the idea is the same in the sense of making sure the roast is well hydrated but allowing enough heat to glaze the roast. I’m going to have to experiment though because vegan meats/proteins tend to dry out/cook at around a third of the time as animal meats so I’ll really have to watch it.

I’ve really been neglecting a lot of things though in these past months like emails, blogging, cooking, and I’m sure more things. Knitting has really been taking a forefront to my life. I just finished a bonnet and I’m going to have to make more and take photos. It’s somewhat frustrating to knit because sketching out designs and then knitting them are two different things and the end product might not be what I imagined. It took me two tries to figure out my little washcloth design because the patterns weren’t to my liking or the borders were weird. And two tries doesn’t sound like a lot but when hand knitting different patterns and new ones at that makes it some what laborious and frustrating.


In other news, we celebrated our fifth year anniversary since our commitment on Halloween. I baked a cheesecake and not to be whatever…but it was awesome!!! I probably should have baked it for ten minutes more but it was superb. I used the recipe from “The Joy of Vegan Baking” which is a really great vegan baking cookbook. I really loved that it used vegan cream cheese instead of mostly silken tofu which is kind of bland. The recipe added lemon juice and zest which really was what made the cake…it made the cake creamy and indulgent dessert while also being somewhat tart and crispy. I used a graham cracker crust which was really hard to find. If anyone is wondering…most graham crackers are made with honey which most vegans don’t consider to be…well…vegan. So I had to buy Amaranth graham crackers which were really good to eat by themselves let alone as a crust. I didn’t get fancy with the cake even though I had been wanting to make a raspberry or pomegranate syrup.

Our anniversary was nice but we’ve had some great memories over the last few months. This summer was fun since we had just moved into our apt. and so we had a few parties or pre-parties. Plus, a friend of ours got married so it was nice celebrate with them. But one of the best memories these few months was the Scissor Sisters concert in Oakland. We stayed in a pretty nice hotel that was a mile from the Fox Theater. It was so funny because we walked there but before I asked the desk manager how far it was and the directions. He thought we were crazy to walk a mile and wanted to call a cab for us but I was all, “No it’s ok, we walk all the time in Santa Cruz”…not that it makes me cool but jeez! one mile is like soo nothing. The hotel was really nice because it was on the water and had a great view. But the concert was so great…the best show I’ve ever seen and the best live singing/music I’ve experienced. It sucked because I’m so short that we had to stand on the stairs for the show because I couldn’t see over those tall people.

So that is the update…and if you ever get sad…fight fire with fire


1 Response to “Any which way”

  1. 1 xxxicana
    14 November, 2010 at 6:10 pm

    hahahaha, now you are a true salvie !! Not just with the big ass tv, but the totally hack wiring. That swearing thing also comes from your Salvadoran side 😀

    Can’t wait to see your bonnet. Luv u to bits, mommi

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