Currently living in Santa Cruz, Ca.

I’m a libra, ox sign, and sort of catholic, and 95% vegan. Left handed which is a pain sometimes. Salvadoran/Mexican/Indigenous woman which is so complicated. I pretty sure I’m a visual learner which makes me feel not so dumb now that I realize that I just learn differently…seriously…I spent most of my childhood and young adulthood thinking I was so stupid.

I love food, knitting, animals, reading, movies, flowers, people (especially my Nai Nai), family, and contemporary technology.

I strive to eat/buy/think ethically and sustainably and I try to be vegan/humanitarian in my practices which means I try to eat vegan products, I try to save every bug in our home and take them outside, and donate money towards organizations that I support. I also strive to drive less and walk or bike places instead of using fuel and other sources of energy that is wasteful.

My life work is to basically provide a good home for myself and my partner and my children (aka cats, gecko, and bird) by cooking at home and cleaning with good products. My secondary work is knitting and hopefully sewing once I learn more about it…I want to provide knits and stitches that are vegan and sustainable for people who don’t want to buy animal products. I want to create my own business once I gain more experience and hope to show others that vegan knits/stitches can be lovely and functional.

Although I really care for animals and humans I also realize that the world is not equal…I do personally think that the First World should practice better consumption patterns since we consume more energy and goods than the Second and Third world so I think change starts with us. But I realize that if I lived in a non First Country that food becomes more complicated and personal…Food is closely linked in those countries to every day activities and so I don’t think it’s wrong in those situations to eat meat or dairy. But I think when we have huge beef farms, have horrible conditions for animals, basically withhold nutrients to veal so that their flesh is tender…well it’s wrong. Ethically, I don’t see a problem with sheep shearing if it’s done correctly in terms of the climate and age of the animal. Many die too young because they are sheared too often in cold climates or done badly which exposes the sheep to the cold or infection. My stance on veganism is more of a political stance against mass industrialization of bodies whether they be ‘animal’ or ‘human’. I simply don’t want any sort of being to be exploited and treated horribly. I also realize that referring to countries as First or Third world isn’t totally correct since we live in a very IT world now so it doesn’t mean that think certain parts of the world are less intelligent or progressive but I’m really referring to the socioeconomic status in comparison to Western Countries.

What I need to work on….my Spanish, cooking, knitting, learning in general. I need to buy less water bottles but I’m composting now so I’m proud of that. I also need to work on being confident on what I do…I know I shouldn’t feel so bad about staying at home cooking, cleaning, and knitting but I do.


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