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I’m sailing into the sunrise

Been buying stuff for our boat trip.

Super fun but stressful as well. Only posting a nice song since I have so much to do.


We are the world, but the world is not them

I really hate celebrities. Fuck them. they have so much money and give ::oh:a:million:: oh so much. But it isn’t that much in comparison to what they have. I’ve seen so much in my life and that isn’t even enough. Nathan has seen things I haven’t seen. I’ve seen the dead, the poor, the hungry, the infected….more than that…I hate that Haiti is some shallow icon of goodness in regards to our money.  I wish…sometimes I wish…that I could forget the things I’ve seen. But I can’t. Fuck the new ‘We are the World’ b/c it’s meaningless. They all sing and cry and it’s still black and white. Still woman and man. No diversity. Where are the latinos, asians, native americans, the eastern europeans,  the people who are unspoken for? What about the animals and plants? What about all those people we don’t think of but are slaves to our consumption? What about M.J?

Sometimes I get tired…tired of fighting. We need to remember that people are suffering beyond natural disasters. Sweatshops, human trafficking, plain ignorance…etc We need to remember everyone. Not just one sad event…people die for no reason…drugs, earthquakes, floods, political reasons…etc. those people shouldn’t be forgotten.

I remember when I tried to raise money for hurricane mitch in H.S. I got at most 40US. No one cared. I wanted people to care b/c my family was hurting….and here we are…donating money to Haiti and two weeks later it’s barely a blip on our radar. The new ‘We are the World’ is so lame. All these people are doing it and yet most of these people don’t give money in general. Brangelina adopt a bunch of 3Wld children and donate but they don’t really help in comparison to their monetary gains.

What would Jesus do?

I’m not super religious. but I try to live by moral codes. I haven’t driven a car in over a month…I’ve been taking the bus or biking…I don’t want to justify myself. But why don’t people care? Why don’t people give a shit? I hate crying. but I do it so much b/c I don’t understand why people don’t care. Sometimes, I hate caring so much…I wish I could be a bad person so I wouldn’t feel anything. but I can’t…

I feel so much. So does Nathan. We are the world…but is the world us?  I don’t know anymore. All I know is that we want everyone to be in a safe place. but that won’t happen anytime soon.

Sometimes…it feels like my heart is bleeding…that is why I don’t like to talk to people.  I just don’t know what to do.

P.S. We are the world original link got taken down so I’m posting a new one. enjoy.


I lived in an Orange

Back home in the SC

The drive from the OC was actually pretty fast until we hit rain at gilroy all the way to santa cruz. It was really nostalgic driving The 5 since I drove it quite often for weekend visits to L.A. I’ve become so spoiled though living in santa cruz because I couldn’t stand the smog…eww! hopefully in the future we’ll have cleaner cities because they are so great in so many ways. And I’m stating right now that I’m going to bitch about southern california but I’m also going to bitch about santa cruz so hopefully it will even out. Really, going to Orange County is like taking a trip to another world…I’m so not used to people not being nice not only to me but also workers. Nathan and I were commenting on how it’s really easy to tell how people are treated in their work environments based on a little conversation. I don’t know, maybe because of our background and ethics we really go out of our way to be nice to workers and it’s really infuriating when people treat workers as drones or as if they don’t exist. Like they’re little more than vending machines or part of a register. But despite some things that I dislike (which really can be found anywhere in the world) I loved seeing so many Latinos, Asians, well…people of color!

Omg, I remember when I first moved to Santa Cruz and I felt deprived of diversity. Seriously, I’d go to San Francisco just to quench my need for color. SC does have diversity but not in the same way and sheer volume and being that I grew up around so much diversity it’s hard to adjust even after all these years. Oh well, that is life I suppose.

Xmas was nice although I got sick and am still getting over it. I’m over the congestion for the most part and now just have a cough which should clear up within a week….stupid lingering cough. It’s always that phlegm that just hangs out. Anyway, I’m sure no one wants to read about my phlegm 😀 So, let’s see….I got lots of awesome gifts which I’ll being putting to good use. The only thing I hate about this time of year is that it reminds me to make a new list for the year of things we need to buy (or simply want) and that gets me into a bit of a consumption craze. But we really need these things (well I’m sure Buddha wouldn’t agree) and I’m excited about buying things. I finally found curtains that I liked that are sort of eco…I’ve resigned myself to white curtains currently because it seems easier but I found some that are decently priced and are cotton and have a liner which helps with the heat and cold so it’s supposed to reduce energy costs which is important to me. Also, I’m thinking about buying Eco Balls which would pretty much eliminate our need for laundry detergent and I’m going to buy a clothes line so I can start skipping the dryers.

I guess one of my goals for this year is to become even more sustainable, eco-friendly, mindful, and self-sufficient. Once we buy a bike trailer I’ll be able to do pretty much everything on my bike which is nice since our laundry mat is less than a mile away. Nathan teases me though about how I’ll look like some of the homeless/nomad people in santa cruz with my trailer but we both know how much cheaper and environmentally friendly it will be. To be honest, I want to hand wash our clothing but I just don’t think it’s feasible at this point in time. It just is too time consuming right now and I really need to focus on my knitting and potential cookbook. It’s kind of crazy that for a couple grand we can essentially replace our need for our car, but I doubt we’ll be riding our bikes to the mall….although we should really take the bus…ack so much pressure but we’ll get there eventually. One small step at a time.

Anyway, I think I accomplished a lot this year and some were on my goals from the New Year. I’m happy that I lost weight, but I still need to work on that…haha so that goal is still on my list. Let’s see. Most of the other goals were home improvements and cleaning which we did for the most part. I’m disappointed that we didn’t read as much as I had hoped but hopefully we’ll get more done this year.

Once I finish painting the kitchen I’ll refocus on my knitting…it’s so nice to have a bit of a break. I’ll order more yarn and start organizing my company on paper. Still a bit unsure about the name and I’m going to start off simple and small but I really want to get it going. I also need to work on organizing my cookbook but I really don’t expect that to be finished this year since I don’t know much about publishing and I need to gather all my current recipes and work on new ones.

Lots of goals but this year has been so positive that I feel really confident that this next year will be the same.

This is most likely be my last post for the year so I send all my love to the readers, my family, and the world and hope that everyone finds the happiness that we all deserve.


Tulum and Chichen Itza

Last year Nathan and I went to Mexico together and took lots of pictures which my family has yet to see. Tulum was beautiful and had lots of iguanas running around (my header is actually one of the iguanas that posed for me). As you can see I suffer from tomato face which is super embarrassing since I also have a round face. Some of pics might be of our hotel too if I can find them.

We actually went to Chichen Itza first since we flew into Cancun. Got lost in Cancun for a few hours doing circles in the city before finally getting onto the highway. Chichen Itza is actually pretty far from Tulum considering we had drive inland and then back again and then continue south along the coast…double-backing I suppose. We only spent two nights there since there isn’t really much tourist things to do besides the ruins. The hotel was decent but we were kind of scared of the centi/millapeds that came out at night.Notice!! my memory might blow so if I get the buildings wrong then let me know or just ignore my ramblings. I believe this picture is supposed to be where astronomers would do their thing. I think the dome was actually built so the light would do some fancy thing that like line up with certain windows or lines in the ground…yup this post is gunna bite me in the ass…I know it. I can already hear my mother going into a lecture about this place. Next up is a boring looking building that I believe the scholars would write their fancy stuff…again I could be wrong. I think the guide said that the structure was influenced by another community since the arcitecture is different from the rest of the site.Again the tomato face emerges as I snack on a cliff bar. There were a lot of these types of carved stones placed on the ground. It was rather nice since we couldn’t climb or get too near some of the ruins so these little pieces gave us a chance to get a closer view. The next few pictures (including the one with both of us) are shot near the main part of the site…I guess the plaza area and ball court. Really, I think this photo shows how delirious we were in the heat because the shot really doesn’t show the little jaguar in the background. Actually I can’t even tell if that’s a jaguar…all I know is that we’re looking stupid posing next to a ‘don’t cross the fence’ sign. But at least we can see the larger structure in the back.  No idea where this one is from..I think it’s near the ball court though..Doesn’t Nathan seem so excited?   Honestly this last one I can’t remember what the mural is about plus it’s hard to see as it is. I ‘m guessing the guy on the right is staring at the middle guy thinking “What the hell is going on”, while the middle guy is spewing what looks like a million baby snakes from his decapitated head…At least that’s what I imagine since there is that round bubble on the left side with a skull looking glyph..maybe it’s his head rolling away. That concludes the made up tour of my blog.

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